Facing the global water crisis


By 2020 it is estimated that over 2 Billion will suffer from acute water scarcity, predominantly in developing countries .


With increasing pollution from industry and agriculture, over 50% of people in developing countries suffer from at least one disease plagued by water pollution. 



As groundwater sources are rapidly depleting across the globe, access to water is decreasing, increasing distance traveled and cost to obtain water. 

A nature-based approach to water deliverance

Step 1: Solar thermal heat creates an airdraft to draw air below ground

Step 2: Cool below ground temperatures bring air to a dew point to trigger condensation

Human Aid





          Sustainable                      Affordable                                     Scalable                                     Local

Our Partners

VENA has relationships with many partners to collaborate on the design, development and implementation of VENA's Atmospheric Water Generator solutions around the world. VENA's partners include  Architectural and Engineering Firms, Incubators, Accelerators, Financial Sponsors, Universities, Legal Offices, and CAD/CAE System Vendors.   

Our Company

Vena Corporation was founded in 2014 by John Walsh and Thomas Kosbau in order to fight global water scarcity with proven technologies integrated to leverage nature's condensation process. Vena has a mission to deliver potable water to communities around the world which are suffering from drought and lack of access to sufficient water resources.